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Yonghua Machinery employs SES specialist from Germany again

Recently, SES specialist Joachim Klement from Germany was employed back to Yonghua Machinery as the technical director in the second stage for 3 months. He will lead the research and development of the multifunctional automatic milling head and building block design and structural optimization of large gantry manufacturing center, which is another important research and development project in the long cooperation experience between Yonghua and senior foreign experts. The successful launching of this project will promote the independence progress of key parts in high-end machine tool products of this company and improve the manufacturing level in a serialized, modularized and standardized way, thus geared to international standards and adjusted to the need for product diversity, flexibility, high quality and short cycle in the future market. The cooperation between Yonghua and SES began in 2009, covering such areas as high-end CNC machine tool mechanical, electrical design, product process route planning, manufacturing process control, product processing technology industry application and so on. Under the guidance of senior experts in machinery and electric, the company has made great progress in the development og high end product, precision manufacturing, which provides great technical support for Yonghua to quickly respond to the market needs and develop products with high performance cost ratio.

Mr. Joachim Klement is Germany expert in machine tool design and manufacturing and has been in the field for over 40 years. With a master degree in general machine design and manufacturing, he is adept at developing large scale high precision milling, grinding machine and their key parts. He once worked in world famous machine tool manufacturers like WALDRICH COBURG as designer and is now employed by Yonghua in the senior expert group of Machinery.